StikPak Puts You in Control

Flexibility, speed, and savings: the Ropak StikPak delivers it all. Our StikPak filler uses continuous motion to vertically form, fill, and seal packages containing a variety of either dry or liquid products. Easy changeovers and multiple lane configurations put you in control for maximum efficiency, maximum profits.


DRY — Drink mixes, protein supplements, pharmaceutical powders, tablets, candies, and more

LIQUID — Syrups, concentrated liquid drink mixes, cosmetics, skin lotions, and more

SPECIALTY — Industrial greases, semi-frozen puree, chilled milk, and more

  1. Film Unwind
  2. Film Slitting
  3. Web Turn
  4. Doser (Multiple Doser Options Available)
  5. Forming Section
  6. Pack Cutoff (Multiple Knife Options Available)
  7. Discharge Points (Front, Side & Rear)
  8. Control Screen

StikPak’s pouch length changes and on-the-fly per-lane weight adjustments with touch screen commands, put speed and accuracy at your fingertips.

Key Benefits
Big Benefits. Small Machine.
  • Easy to operate — The StikPak offers a minimal footprint, centralized primary controls, and an optimized work load for the operator
  • Easy to maintain — There are few grease fittings, no reciprocating parts, and a mere handful of tools required for maintenance
  • Computer-controlled — Handles the filler and maximizes efficiency by monitoring and managing many zones of temperature control, product availability, film alignment correction, and output control
  • High precision — Multi-lane doser controls offer highly repeatable, precise dosing with on-the-fly, per-lane adjustments
  • Speed — In excess of 1,000 pouches per minute, depending on product and pack size
  • Easy size changes — Pouch length change at the touch of a button via the HMI controls. Pouch diameter/width adjustment with changeover parts in as little as 2 to 4 hours.
  • StikPak top, bottom, and fin seal profile
  • On-the-fly, per-lane weight control
  • On-screen fast pouch length change
  • StikPak filler with standard tooling can be adjusted from a 3-inch to a 12-inch pouch by a touchscreen adjustment and with no tooling changes
  • Range of pouch diameters possible with minimal tooling and time for changeover

StikPak Diagram

– A –– B –Roll Width
Seal WidthTube DiameterSlit Width5-Lane Wide5-Lane10-Lane Wide10-Lane
.454" (11mm).2501.3806.9006.90013.80013.800
.548" (14mm).3131.5707.8507.85015.70015.700
.639" (16mm).3751.7568.7808.78017.56017.560
.670" (17mm).398 (10mm)1.8109.0509.05018.10018.100
.788" (20mm).472 (12mm)2.05110.25510.25520.51020.510
.834" (21mm).5002.13610.68010.68021.36021.360
.905" (23mm).551 (14mm)2.29111.46011.46022.92022.920
1.024" (26mm).6252.52012.60012.60025.20025.200
1.217" (31mm).7502.90214.53014.53029.06026.154 (9 Lanes)
1.410" (36mm).8753.29816.46016.46032.98026.384 (8 Lanes)
1.604" (41mm)1.0003.68118.40518.40536.81025.767 (7 Lanes)
1.800" (46mm)1.1254.07020.35020.350
2.000" (51mm)1.2504.46022.30022.300
2.185" (55mm)1.3754.85024.25024.250
2.380" (60mm)1.5005.25026.250
2.575" (65mm)1.6255.63028.150
2.775" (70mm)1.7506.05030.250
2.975" (75mm)1.8756.42532.125
3.165" (80mm)2.0006.85034.250
3.360" (85mm)2.1257.20036.000
3.560" (90mm)2.2507.60038.000
3.750" (95mm)2.3758.00040.000
3.950" (100mm)2.5008.37541.875


133″ L (Wide) / 113″ L (Std) x 73″ W x 117″ H

3378mm L (Wide) / 2870mm L (Std) x 1839mm W x 2963mm H

5- and 10-lane StikPak models are available in both standard and wide versions to accommodate the varying package size needs of our clients. Manufacturing speeds can exceed 100 cycles per minute per lane (1,000PPM), depending on product flow characteristics, packaging materials, and fill temperatures.

Ropak StikPak Footprint

End Seal Designs

Ropak StikPak Horizontal Tear Pour Spout End Seal

Pour Spout

Horizontal Tear

Ropak StikPak Corner Tear Pour Spout End Seal

Pour Spout

Corner Tear

Ropak StikPak Child Resistant Pour Spout End Seal

Pour Spout

Child Resistant

Ropak StikPak Laser Score Specialty Film End Seal

Specialty Film

Laser Score

  • 5- or 10-lane filler depending on pouch size
  • Connection to/control of product takeaway conveyors
  • Vibrator and agitator solutions
  • Twin-augers per lane for some difficult products
  • Individual lane hopper for dosing flexibility
  • Feedback from and response to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Date code printing or embossing during run
  • Barcode reading for film/batch identification
  • Machine conversion between dry and liquid dosing
  • Vacuum pulse fill tube system
  • Cross Seal – Pack flatteners/conditioners
  • Individual lane sampling/inspection gate
  • Hot fill capabilities
  • Tear notch, pour spout, or perforation on the pouch

We now can retrofit older machines with new parts to match the speed and quality of new machines. To see if your machine is compatible for retrofitting, please contact us.


At Ropak, our focus is on more than just manufacturing quality high-speed equipment. Designing operator safety features into each machine is critical.

With our engineering team, safety is not an afterthought. We build the latest safety technology into the designs to minimize the hazards the moving parts pose to personnel on the floor. Our designers are incorporating safety systems into the automation controllers through networking capabilities. Not only does the use of advanced network technology increase the machine’s responsiveness to a hard stop command, it also reduces the time and cost for building the machines. For our customers, it’s a win–win situation: improved safety features and lower machine costs.