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Engineering Loss

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of retired Ropak employee Robert M. “Bob” Newman. He was 84.

Bob was one of the original employees when Ropak was started in 1985. He was originally hired in the 1970′s as a mechanical engineer at Matthews Industries (when it was originally Matthews Machine Company). As his obituary says, he was instrumental in much of the refinement of the design of Ropak’s high-speed packaging machines. He worked closely with Ernest Matthews in perfecting and “tweaking” the machine design to where it is today, including assisting after his retirement in the design of the updated “fastest-in-the-world” configuration that we are currently building.

We were all privileged to work with Bob for so many years. He has been and he will be missed. We are praying for his surviving family.

His obituary can be read online at here.